Carp Madness XXL

Carp Madness XXL

Carp Madness X-Jet

Carp Madness X-Jet

Carp Madness XXL S

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CM Bait Boat XXL "S"

Speed Extreme. In addition to our X-Jet "S" the fastest bait boat Europe.
Complete digital Brushlesstechnik in combination with the Graupner HoTT radio installation trim this boat to peak performance, you have not experienced before.
You can choose the Graupner HoTT radio system between 2 settings, once the power saving normal "anglers" mode and once the "Monster Bait Boat Mode". Brute force.

High End in bait boat building Both efficient and innovative drive systems combined with advanced lighting and wireless technology, built into a virtually indestructible hull, the new flagship of the house Carp Madness. Our consistent development.

Catamaran hull made of 5 mm ABS available in different designs, 60x41x20 cm, the central shaft lining ensures a perfect center of gravity; dream ride is guaranteed.

Drive unit:
2 ball bearing shafts, driven by digital brushless ball bearing inner rotor motors, driven by Graupner Brushless controller of the latest generation.

Remote control:
Graupner HoTT MX-12, range up to 3000m

Lighting system:
Remote Controlled LED lights

Bait Box:
1 Big Box with capacity of 4L (40cm x 10cm ) or devided by 2 (2 x 2L) Each one controlled separatly. One after another.

Battery technology:
Efficient 3S LiPo with a perfect power density of total 20,000mAh. Duration depending on the mode between 1 and 2.5 hours. Fast Charge-ready professional automatic charger for 220V and 12V car.

Battery monitoring:
Digital, blue illuminated power indicator on the boat for the optimal supervision of the board voltage.

Release Coupling:
Each boat is equipped with 2 release couplings.

From the production of the fuselage to clothing all made in Germany. Your boat is hand-made to your specific wishes of our specialists and tested.

Welcome to the Premium class of boats lining

Scope of delivery:

  • Bait Boat Carp Madness XXL "S",
  • various designs
  • Food flap 1- or 2 pcs.
  • All round dimmable xenon lighting system
  • 2 Release Couplings
  • Graupner HoTT MX-12
  • Digital brushless technology
  • soft carrying case
  • Set Lipo batteries with 20,000 mAh
  • Professional charger for 12V and 220V
  • User manual

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