Carp Madness XXL Li-Ion

Carp Madness XXL Li-Ion

Carp Madness XXL S

Carp Madness XXL S

Carp Madness XXL

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With this boat we have developed a bait boat, a milestone of the other manufacturers can measure, of course, completely "hand build in Germany". The hull is drawn exclusively for us in Germany.
We use only high-quality technical components from renowned manufacturers, these guarantee safety, reliability and quiet and smooth running. It will inspire one of these bait boats have to mature.

You have the option of including installation (s) to transport up to 4 kg of Bait in one or two Bait Boxes.

Welcome to the Premium class of Bait Boats:

Catamaran hull made of 5 mm or ABS in black or 3D carbon design, 61x41x20 cm, the central shaft lining ensures a perfect focus, dreamy ride is guaranteed.

Drive unit:
2 ball bearing shafts, driven shaft supported by our 655 Industrial Engines "Dirty Devil", speed, power and torque with low fuel consumption and long service life.

Remote Control:
Jamara latest and most advanced 6 channel radio technology with a large LCD display, 2.4 Ghz Digtal, maximum control and security for your boat. Reach min. 1000m.

Lighting system:
Remote controlled LED Lights.

Bait Box:
1 Big Box with capacity of 4L (40cm x 10cm ) or devided by 2 (2 x 2L) Each one controlled separatly. One after another.

Battery technology:
Lead acid batteries with a total of 18,000 mAh Battery monitoring: Digital blue illuminated power indicator on the boat for optimum supervision of the board voltage.

Release Coupling:
Each boat is equipped with 1 release coupling.

Wireless Fishfinders (optional):

  • Toslon TF500 (Wireless color fishfinder with 4.3"TFT Display. Range 300m )
  • Toslon TF640 (Wireless color fishfidner with 4.3" TFT Display, 500 GPS, Compass Navigation, Range 300m )
  • Toslon TF650 (Wireless color fishfidner with 4.3" TFT Display, 500 GPS Spots, Compass Navigation, 3D Mapping with Reefmaster Software. Range 300m )

Scope of delivery:

  • Bait boat "Carp Madness XXL"
  • Bait box 1 - or 2-piece
  • Remote Controlled LED Lights
  • 1 release coupling
  • 6-channel 2.4GHz radio system with large display
  • soft carrying case
  • 4 x Lead acid batteries together 18,000 mAh
  • 1 Charger for Pb batteries

Optionally available:

  • Bait box 1 or 2 pcs
  • Toslon TF500, Toslon TF640, Toslon TF650.
  • Autopilot
  • Protection for Shafts.

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